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I sent Anthony an after hours email, which he returned very promptly and came out the next day to work on some connectivity issues, which turned out to be hardware issues. In addition to the main reason I called him, he helped with several other issues, including my TiVo and networking and he helped me upgrade a computer and came back on a Saturday, spending several hours on my various issues. He kept me totally informed along the way, and really couldn’t have been more professional and pleasant to work with. Loved working with him and highly recommend his service, and as a small business owner, I’ve worked with several IT companies, including the one which handles most of my bigger issues and Anthony at OMS has gained a new lifetime customer!

Randy B.

Needed help setting up wireless printer so called Anthony and he promptly came over that evening. Very courteous and professional. Long story short, it ended up being the crummy modem Frontier gave me so he hooked up an additional router and was able to immediately connect with laptop and iPad. For a little extra, he also cleaned up my Windows10 system on my laptop. It is much faster now. Just a note, he went the extra mile by taking my printer to his place to make sure it worked, and it did, which he then concluded it was the router situation. He came back the next morning and finished the install. I will definitely use Anthony again if need arises!

Julie L.

We have used OMS for all of our computer issues & dilemmas for as long as I can remember. He is very polite, efficient, & the price is right, too. Even after we moved out of Elk Grove, Anthony still makes house calls!

Allyson W.

I always call Anthony for my computer needs. He’s professional, prompt, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend his business!

Elaine S.

Anthony at OMS Computer Service has been servicing our computers for the last ten years or so and has done a great job. He picks up and drops off our computers at our house, with very quick turn around. After assessing the computer, he calls right away to discuss what he has found and to discuss the estimated cost. If he thinks we would be better off purchasing a new computer instead of paying to repair an older one, he tells us that. When he has repaired our computers they have been returned in excellent working condition.

Keith E.

We have been using OMS Computer Service for some time now. He is very reliable, reasonably priced and has work done in a day or less. I highly recommend for your computer service needs.

Annice P.

I cannot tell you enough how much I rely on the computer expertise of Anthony. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and mindful of my budget. He comes to my house, and fixes the issues I have with my PC, laptop, printer, etc. and now he can fix things remotely. He is a proud father with a winning grin. With confidence, I recommend my computer whiz tech, Anthony, from OMS Computer Service. Tell him Jacquie sent you:).

Jacquelyn P.

If you are looking for computer service or repair I would like to recommend OMS Computer Service in Elk Grove. We have been using him for as long as I can remember. He is honest and has done great work for us. We usually text him and he gets right back to us.

Ken P.

Anthony with OMS has always serviced our computers and does an outstanding job! He knows I depend on my computer and gets the job done fast. Very Dependable!

Regina H.

Does great work keeping our laptops and computer working! I recommend OMS for all your repairs and upgrades!

Debbie F.

We love OMS! Anthony is knowledgeable and helpful. He provides great service – he’s willing to work within your budget and timeline. He’s there to trouble shoot when you’re in a pinch.

Jill L.

Anthony is professional, responsive and friendly. He has serviced several computers for me both personally and in a business setting and I have always received personal service and tech smarts delivered with a smile. He is patient with elderly people who don’t understand technology, and in general just a kind and sweet person that I am proud to know. Thanks for being awesome Anthony!

Marisa D.

I have been using Anthony for over 10 years. I trust him with all of my computer repair needs.

Loy M.

Anthony has been my family’s IT consultant for over 10 years. Always prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and has saved me lots of time and expense for everything from software upgrades, data recovery, virus removal, laptop replacements through general tech support. I highly recommend him.

Mimi d.

Anthony is the best! Great customer service.

Marshon T.

I have been using OMS Computer service for about 4 years.  I run a business from home, so my computer needs to be running tip-top. Anthony is always quick to solve my computer problems and doesn’t try to oversell me on anything. When I wanted more RAM, he explained that it wouldn’t make my computer run any better or faster. I thought if eight gigs is good, more must be better! He’s a good, honest business man (a rarity these days) and I am very glad I found him!

Kolleen Handel, Galt, CA

Comments from Elk Grove Online


Is it the desktop computer or laptop? If laptop, it happened to me twice. The first time was the charger, it wasn’t holding the charge, so the company sent me out another one and it worked. The other time was because my plug was not plugged in all the way and it was loosing batter power. If all fails, I too would call Anthony


Have Anthony check out your computer first, he is an advertiser here on Elk Grove Online. He has fixed my daughter’s, sister’s and friend’s computers. They are all very happy with his work and customer service.
For Service Call 916-271-8658


For any computer issue I would highly recommend Anthony of OMS Computers – 271-8658. He’s honest, reliable, prompt, and very reasonable!!!


I used OMS just once but he was very good, very quick, and I thought his price was great. He’s an EGO advertiser as well. Good luck!

Try Anthony at OMS he will set you right…


Another vote for OMS. You won’t go wrong with Anthony.


Anthony is local and an EGO advertiser. I have utilized his services a couple of times and recommend him highly.


Second the recommendation for Anthony/OMS. Awesome, affordable service. You will not regret trusting your computer to him.


Yes, OMS / Anthony is the person to call. He has helped me out a couple of times


Picked up our computer last Saturday and it is working much, much better.
Thank you Anthony

If anyone needs their computer repaired or just looked at, call Anthony. He did a great job for us


I would HIGHLY recommend Anthony for any computer issues. He recently performed nothing short of a miracle (again) with my daughter’s laptop!!! He provides professional, individualized service and is an extremely pleasant person to work with too!!! Thanks again, Anthony, I will continue to call you for all of our computer service needs!


I second Sea’s comments. Anthony is very professional, friendly, accommodating & prompt. I found his business card at Curves Gym & was told he was an advertiser with EGOL so I thought I’d give him a try, wow. He worked on both my lap top & home PC, cleaned them up then linked them up, yea. Re-established lost connections & it seems I’m still discovering little applications that I hadn’t had before. I’m very pleased with all he did & would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Anthony


I would also recommend Anthony’s service. He was extremely helpful and prompt with replies. He gave me deadlines and met them.


Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!!!
Our computer works great.


We recently used Anthony at OMS and think he is fabulous. He did several things for us on four different computers, including setting up a network (I think that is what it’s called, haha) and was so very patient in explaining everything and answering all of our questions. His prices are reasonable and he picks up and delivers as part of the service. Our computers are working like when they were new. He is a very personable and knowledgeable person and was fun to work with! Obviously, he has our recommendation. Thanks again Anthony!


Based on the recommendations posted here, I called Anthony on Wednesday to see if he could fix my computer that was barely limping along. I’m so glad I did. As others have said, he is professional, personable and honest. I had my computer back on Thursday running as good as new! Please consider giving him a call if you have computer issues that you need help with. THANKS AGAIN, ANTHONY!!!


For the past 2 YEARS my second hand Dell laptop needed servicing. I called and visited well known businesses about my laptop for service and either the repair price was not worth fixing, or they would recommend me to buy a new one. I didn’t want to spend $2.000. + to buy a new one.

On Thursday, May 29’th I called OMS because of the good reviews. I spoke to Anthony… told him what “the message” I keep getting on my laptop said. Anthony listened…. he explained… he said he would look at it for no charge. Anthony came to my work place the next morning to pick it up and had it up and running… he fixed it! He returned it to me at work and showed me everything he did. Though it’s second hand, it’s now a brand new second hand laptop. He said it’s a good laptop that just needed to be serviced. I am glad I called him before deciding to go out and buy a new one. It’s crazy, for me anyway, how a computer can put one through so much stress.

Anthony… It’s not just the knowledge in what you do… it’s the excellent service! Thank you- thank you! I will be referring you to everyone. You just better not move out of town!

One darn happy customer!!!


We needed to have our network secured so we called Anthony. While he was here he looked at our two desktops that were in horrible shape. They had become so slow that my kids wouldn’t use them; opting instead to use my laptop (this was frustrating). Anthony said that both were good computers, they just needed a little attention. He took both, reformatted them and brought them back good as new. They both run as fast as when we got them and the kids (and mom!) are thrilled!
Thanks Anthony!


I have to add to all the other positive reviews of OMS Computer Service. I needed a rather complex repair of my Computer that included rebuilding a RAID array and some other work. Several other services I contacted wouldn’t even touch it. I contacted Anthony by email and he quoted me a very reasonable price and picked it up that day. When he asked when I wanted it back by we agreed on a week. Knowing the difficulties of setting up a RAID array on my particular motherboard I really didn’t think he would be able to do it in a week. Anthony completed and delivered it the NEXT DAY!
Needless to say I am very impressed.


I would also like to comment on the wonderful work that Anthony does. My computer is running like new. Thanks so much.


I too need to give my kudos to Anthony. He is by far the most professional and HONEST computer repair person I have dealt with. My desktop took a dive and he was able to save all my most important information. He also got us a great deal on a refurbished one. Along with fixing my much used laptop, he got it up and running smoothly again. And of course, we are looking to see if you can help us with a refurbished laptop????
Thanks so much,
Andrea Driver (addnoodle)


Thank you, thank you, thank you !
Anthony, we are so happy with the way our computer is working now ! And if I could open it up, I’m sure it would be sparkling clean ! ( I’ll just take your word for it !)

Everything that you said you would do, YOU DID ! You did an excellent job in repairing our many problems and the customer service we received was excellent and appreciated.

Thank you again !

Carlos and Jessica


We have had Anthony help us out at least three times now. The last time he brought my husband’s old dead laptop back to life – we were ready to junk it. It is like new. No problem seems to be to too big for Anthony to handle and we think his prices are great! Before you throw out a computer you might want to give him a call.


OMGosh – Anthony is THE BEST!!!

What a fantastic and kind man – honest, dependable and excellent prices…did I mention quick!?!

Thanks so much for getting my computer running again Anthony. I wish my computer hadn’t lost everything – but am sooo thankful you were able to reformat it and get me up and posting again…I was having withdrawals! lol!

I HIGHLY recommend OMS!!!


I too have to give KUDO’s to OMS!!! It’s been a while, but… Being a single gal I am very appreciative to have resources such as OMS to repair my computer when my own son is unavailable – and that is more often than not- the older he gets! ;)


I am another happy customer. Anthony cleaned my computer and turn around was super fast. All the things that didn’t quite work right are now working great. I highly recommend Anthony and having your computer serviced once in a while.


Anthony worked on my computer over the Friday/Saturday. What great service! Very knowledgeable …. and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. My Dell is “flying” now, whereas it had been chugging along. I’d definitely call Anthony again.


Thanks Anthony,

You came through as always. My friend was extremely happy with your service. I will continue to recommend your service to everyone. You are dependable, personable, trustworthy and your prices for what you do are beyond reasonable. Thank you for taking care of those that I care about. You’re the best : )


Hi, I highly recomment Anthony at OMS Computer repair. I found him here on Elk Grove Online and have used him several times and find his work to be very good and he picks up and delivers and is very prompt.
Here is his ad I copied from EGO advertisers.
You can contact him at 271-8658.


OMS is the way to go. We used him and he is very reasonable and does great work.


Just wanted to thank everyone for their recommendation. Anthony came out to the house yesterday and fixed the computer. He was very nice and did a good job. Thanks everyone!


Anthony! Anthony! He’s the BEST!


Anthony is great! I was going to start a post about my experience yesterday, but you obviously beat me to it! My hard drive died a few days ago. Thank goodness it was still under warranty and HP responded overnight with a new hard drive for me to install. (I can’t speak highly enough of HP for their responsiveness as well.) I called Anthony yesterday morning to see if he could retrieve my documents. Since I run my business on my laptop I didn’t want to waste another day and Best Buy said they would need my computer for at the very least 7-9 days to diagnose the problem! Anthony arrived at my home in an hour and a half of my call, and within minutes of sitting down, he had my documents and copied them to my external hard drive! I was so pleased at his expertise and would recommend him to everyone here on EGO. Without EGO I would have wasted so much time trying to find someone local. Thanks again.


Another recommendation for Anthony. Thanks again for coming to the rescue -this time for my mom-on a Sunday no less and in Sacramento. You rock!


Anthony from OMS is great… he has fixed all of our computers.


I very highly OMS Computer, an advertiser on this site. Several of us have used Anthony and he is absolutely the greatest!!!


2 more thumbs up for OMS! Anthony is absolutely the BEST! And totally honest! My husband and I wouldn’t trust our computers to anyone else. Jackie


Another vote for Anthony! He rocks! Good prices. If I would have called him first for a computer problem I had a couple of months ago I would have saved $500!!!


I too vote for Anthony O’Neal. He is great and love his customer service. Plus he will come pick up and deliver.

I’ll second the recommendation for Anthony of OMS Computer Repair. Anthony is very trustworthy and stands behind his work. His customer service is exceptional.


Call Anthony, owner of OMS Computer Repair and an advertiser here. He is very knowledgeable and provides fast, excellent service for a reasonable price. His number is 271.8658.